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Writing circle: Scholarly writing skills for Masters coursework students

Started Sep 22, 2021


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The Writing Circle initiative is designed to assist you in improving your writing skills, gain deeper insights on how to give and receive constructive feedback, and introduce you to rubrics, and find out how to use rubrics in your assignments. 

The Writing Circle is comprised of four modules that have been crafted in consideration of writing research literature and focus on ways to enhance and practice: 

Module 1: Writing effectively – identify and practice clear writing techniques using examples
Module 2: Peer feedback – identify effective feedback, editing versus proofreading and practice giving feedback
Module 3: Rubrics – recognize different rubrics and how they are used in assessments, offer feedback using a rubric
Module 4: Presenting effectively – learn how to communicate effectively through self-awareness, non-verbal communication, and behavioural tips and techniques

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