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Research Integrity Online Training

Started Feb 17, 2020


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Research Integrity Online Training (RIOT) is the University’s training community for the responsible conduct of research and is available to all University staff and students.  


RIOT covers the principles of research integrity and their application to the planning, conducting and reporting of research. The content is aligned with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2018, providing reference to the most recent policy and guidelines, as well as specific University of Melbourne policy and support links. 


The training moves through each stage of the research process over 8 modules:  

1.       The Responsible Conduct of Research 

2.       When Things Go Wrong: Breaches of the Code 

3.       Planning your Research 

4.       Managing and Recording Your Research 

5.       Data Selection, Analysis and Presentation  

6.       Scholarly Publication 

7.       Professional Responsibilities 

8.       Communication and Social Responsibility 


At the end of each module there is an application activity and a 10-question quiz to consolidate your learning. In order to successfully complete RIOT, you must achieve a minimum of 80% on each quiz. 

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