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Mental health care for trans, gender diverse & non-binary people

Started Oct 7, 2019


Full subject description

This module is designed for a range of mental health professionals to become familiar with and sensitive to the diverse terminology, experiences, issues, standards, and referral pathways with respect to trans, gender diverse, and non-binary (TGDNB) clients. The overarching purpose is to promote more inclusive and responsive service provision for TGDNB people in mental health care settings.

The full module takes approximately 60 minutes to complete, covers a range of areas, and incorporates a variety of activities and visual content.

The expected learning outcomes are to:


  1. Be familiar with diversity and terminology used among trans, gender diverse, and nonbinary (TGDNB) people.
  2. Know how to create an affirming and inclusive environment for TGDNB clients.
  3. Be aware of the criteria for gender affirmation care in the current standards of care for TGDNB adults, children, and adolescents.
  4. Understand how to take a gender history sensitively and build rapport.
  5. Be familiar with the various roles of mental health care providers for TGDNB clients before, during and after gender affirmation.
  6. Apply the known psychosocial influences on TGDNB clients’ mental health to your counselling practice with this population.
  7. Understand the needs of families in supporting their child or young person through gender affirmation.

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