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.png file. Cropped version is 860x241. I wasn't particularly exact when cropping since the intensive will only be available to a select subset of students ideally!

Economics Summer Math Intensive 2020

Started Feb 5, 2020


Full subject description

This math intensive aims to provide students who have no mathematical background with a wide range of mathematical techniques that are commonly used in economics. These techniques include, but are not limited to, calculus, linear algebra, probability, and methods of proof. The emphasis in this course will be on how to use such techniques, as opposed to mathematical rigor (which is important, but not used as often).


Ultimately, the expectation is that students will be able to spend less time struggling with mathematical concepts during the course of the semester. In addition, students will have more opportunity to think about the economic intuition underlying core concepts in economics. Knowledge of these mathematical techniques will also translate to less difficulty in producing quality research work.


This math “camp” will be delivered in an intensive format aimed at getting students to learn these concepts through applications and practice. Lecture sessions will cover a broad range of content, while practical classes will involve more interaction and discussion of mathematical techniques.


Please note that this math camp is purely optional. There is no credit associated with this math camp. Consequently, there exists no assessment for this subject, although ‘assessment-style’ tasks will be distributed to students who wish to challenge themselves.

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