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The image listing showcases a mix tape and a C&S department themed CD over on a purple background. There are also multi coloured lines that are placed below the CD cover that makes the picture more colourful.

C&S Wellbeing Module


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Full subject description

Know all things about Wellbeing within the clubs and societies environment. We will discuss common issues faced by clubs specifically around LGBTQA+, People of Colour, Sustainability as well as some items of discussion that can increase accessibilities around the clubs spectre. We will also be using real life scenarios of issues faced by clubs as well as how to tackle them in the best way possible for all parties involved. Further along the line, this module will also include items specific for Camps. Doing so aims to address clubs responsibilities in this setting and further ways to improve the camp experience to be safe and inclusive. This section of the subject aims to serve as a pre module prior to the face to face camps training/workshop that normally ensues. Clubs doing camps are required to do this pre module as well as the assessment that follows upon completing the module. Forms and documents required for camps will also be included in this module.