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Clubs & Societies Executive Training



Full subject description

The online canvas subject comprises four central modules, each targeting specific areas crucial for effective club and society management.

Induction Training:

The Induction module is designed to ensure that new members are seamlessly integrated into the club or society. Executives will learn how to create an engaging and informative induction program that familiarizes newcomers with the organization's purpose, values, activities, and expectations. They will explore effective onboarding strategies, communication techniques, and mentoring approaches to foster a sense of belonging and empower new members to contribute actively.

Grants Training:

This module focuses on the intricacies of grants and funding. Executives will gain a deep understanding of the grant application process, learn how to identify suitable funding opportunities, and develop persuasive proposals. They will also explore best practices for managing grants, tracking expenditures, and reporting requirements.

General Meeting Training:

Effective communication and decision-making are vital for the smooth functioning of any club or society. In this module, executives will learn how to conduct general meetings, ensuring all members have a voice and decisions are made collectively. They will acquire skills in agenda planning, facilitating discussions, recording minutes, and fostering an inclusive and engaging environment.

Treasurer Training:

The financial well-being of a club or society is integral to its sustainability. This module equips executives with the knowledge and tools to manage budgets, handle transactions, and maintain accurate financial records. They will explore strategies for fundraising, budgeting for events and initiatives, and adhering to financial regulations and compliance.

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