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Academic Skills Hub is a Subject

Academic Skills Hub

Started Feb 10, 2020


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The Academic Skills Hub was developed 3 years ago to help students develop study skills whenever they want, wherever they want. In that time more than 18,000 students have used the hub

There are more than 20 modules in the hub. Here are a few of them:


  • Getting Started: Highly recommended if you're new to the University of Melbourne. This module explores expectations of university study and presents strategies to study more effectively.
  • Managing your Time: Strategies to effectively manage your time, so you can meet your study demands, and also fit in all the other things you would like to do.
  • Research, reading and synthesising: Find quality research, read critically, and synthesise ideas and themes to inform your argument
  • Structuring your argument and paper: Pull together your thoughts and organise them into a coherent, cohesive structure that directly meets your task requirements.
  • Academic style: Understand what is required of you when writing academically, and how you can improve your academic style.
  • Referencing: Understand why and what you need to reference, as well as how to choose and apply an appropriate referencing style.
  • Presenting effectively: Plan, organise and present your oral presentations. You will learn about language, visual aids and presentation style.
  • Exam prep: This module will familiarise you with the standard of learning required for exams, introduce learning techniques and strategies for exam preparation as well as introduce the different formats that exams may take at University.

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